Your Guide to Breast Augmentation Procedures in Thailand

Woman wearing compressing bra which is common after a breast augmentation surgery

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Are you considering the possibility of undergoing breast augmentation in Thailand? Renowned for its stunning landscapes and vibrant cultural experiences, Thailand is also a distinguished location for various cosmetic procedures. The country’s wealth of clinics providing breast enhancement options makes it an attractive choice for those seeking this significant transformation.

This article will serve as your comprehensive guide to navigating the breast augmentation process in Thailand. From the reasons for choosing Thailand for Breast Augmentation to recovery after breast augmentation, we have all aspects covered. Additionally, you’ll find valuable data on pricing structures and guidance on incorporating travel expenses into your budget.

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Overview of Breast Augmentation in Thailand

Woman wearing compressing bra which is common after a breast augmentation surgery

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in plastic surgery – specifically breast augmentation in Thailand. Its blend of state-of-the-art medical facilities, seasoned professionals, and competitive prices has become a preferred destination for individuals globally pursuing aesthetic enhancements.

Why Choose Thailand for Breast Augmentation?

Choosing Thailand for your breast augmentation is not without its advantages. Let’s explore these benefits in more detail:

  1. Affordability

    The cost of a breast augmentation procedure is significantly lower than many other countries across the globe. Therefore consider Bangkok or other locations in Thailand for breast augmentation surgery will be 2-3 times cheaper compared to the USA, Canada, or some European countries.

  2. Experienced Surgeons

    Many Thai doctors boast impressive experience levels, having trained overseas. These doctors are renowned experts within their field. This international exposure enhances their practice back home.

  3. Technologically Advanced Hospitals

    Some of the most technologically advanced hospitals globally call Thailand home—for instance, Bumrungrad Hospital, which features amongst OnTopList’s top 30 most technologically advanced hospitals worldwide.

Remember, when considering a major decision like breast augmentation, it is necessary to conduct thorough research and assess your comfort, both physically and financially. Thailand, with its blend of experienced surgeons, top-tier medical facilities, and affordable breast surgery costs, seems to check all the right boxes.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Now that you have understood the overview of the breast augmentation procedure, Let’s go on more about it to understand even more, as it is crucial for you to really know about the procedure that you will be doing on your body.

Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty offers a surgical solution to enhance the size, shape and fullness of your breasts. The surgeon makes incisions and places implants either below the breast tissue or chest muscles—these implants can contain either saline or silicone gel. This procedure has gained popularity globally due to its affordability in Thailand, with the expertise of Thai surgeons and state-of-the-art medical facilities.

What Breast Augmentation Surgery Won’t Do

Breast augmentation can enhance your figure and boost confidence, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. For severely sagging breasts, consider a breast lift, or combine both procedures for optimal results. This combination effectively addresses drooping breasts and enhances size. Being open about your expectations during discussions with your Thai surgeon will ensure clarity around what is achievable from breast surgery in Thailand.

What are the Types of Breast Augmentation?

There are several types of implants available for use during your procedure: saline implants (filled post-surgery, allowing smaller incisions), silicone implants (which have a feel similar to natural breast tissue) and structured saline implants (with an inner structure intended for a more natural feel). Thailand’s variety of procedures cements its reputation as an attractive destination for health-conscious tourists. Save money on breast augmentation in Thailand with affordable package deals. These deals clearly outline all-inclusive costs, so there are no hidden surprises.

TypeDescriptionProsConsAge RequirementUse
SalineThe silicone outer shell is filled with sterile saltwater. Saline implants come pre-filled or can be filled during surgery. They are FDA-approved for both breast augmentation (for women 18 and over) and reconstruction.Adjustable size, smaller incision, the body can absorb saline if ruptured.It may feel less natural than silicone and has a higher risk of rippling.18+Augmentation and reconstruction, as well as revision surgeries.
SiliconeThe silicone outer shell is filled with silicone gel, which provides a more natural feel. Silicone gel implants are FDA-approved for breast augmentation in women 22 or older and for reconstruction for any age group.It has a more natural feel and appearance and closely mimics breast tissue.The risk of silent rupture requires regular monitoring.22+Augmentation and reconstruction, as well as revision surgeries.
Structured SalineSimilar to saline implants but with an internal structure to make them feel more natural.Offers a more natural feel than traditional saline, with the safety benefits of saline.It may not feel as natural as silicone, but it is a newer technology with less long-term data.Not specifiedPrimarily, augmentation can be used for reconstruction.

How to Select the Correct Size for Breast Implants

Selecting an appropriate implant size forms a critical part of your breast augmentation journey. Thailand offers a wide range of implant sizes (23 to choose from!), but selecting the perfect fit goes beyond just numbers. Your body structure and desired outcome are key factors.  For optimal results, consult with your plastic surgeon for personalized guidance.

Achieve your dream of fuller breasts with breast augmentation in Thailand by open communication with your doctor ensures your investment is well-spent. Regardless of location within the country, e.g., Bangkok, it’s essential to make informed decisions. Adequate preparation and careful selection of implant size under professional advice contribute to successful breast augmentation in Thailand.

How to Find the Ideal Location for the Implants

Implant positioning plays a crucial role in determining the outcome—it depends largely on factors like skin thickness, breast projection, current shape/size, etc. Two primary locations exist to place the implants: underneath the breast tissue or the chest muscle. Thinking about breastfeeding after breast augmentation? Sub muscular placement is a popular choice for optimal results when feeding your baby.

How to Find the Incision Type for Breast Augmentation

Basicially your surgeon will recommend the best incision type for you (similar to implant location) based on your individual needs and desired outcome. A standard option is on the underside in the natural skin fold, allowing precise placement with less blood loss plus quicker recovery—alternatively, it may be under the armpit or around the edge of the areola.

Breast Implant Prices in Thailand vs UK & Australia

Implants typeEstimated Price in ThailandEstimated Price in the UKEstimated Price in Australia
Silicone Breast Implants95,000 THB – 160,000 THB160,000 THB – 230,000 THB260,000 THB – 350,000 THB

*These prices were estimated at the time of writing; contact us for updated figures and a FREE personalized quote

Breast Implant Option in Thailand

Preparing for Breast Augmentation in Thailand

A night city view of Bangkok in Thailand

Getting ready for a breast augmentation procedure in Thailand might sound complex. However, understanding the preparation process ensures a smooth journey through the procedure. Here is everything you need to know about preparing.

Self-Preparation Before Breast Augmentation

Both physical and mental preparation are necessary prior to your breast augmentation journey. This begins with detailed consultations (typically included in the cost), during which objectives, expectations, and potential outcomes are discussed.

Standard preoperative tests such as mammograms, breast ultrasounds and blood tests specifically testing for HIV, hepatitis and syphilis also form part of this preparatory stage. In-depth consultations with an anesthesiologist, often included in your Thai breast augmentation package, ensure an accurate diagnosis. In addition to your consultation in Thailand, some at-home tests might be requested beforehand. Bring the results with you to ensure a thorough evaluation by your surgeon.

Steps of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Understanding the step-by-step process of breast augmentation surgery can help better prepare you for the procedure. In general, the operation usually engages the following steps:

  • Conducting a preoperative health check, including blood tests, chest X-ray, and an electrocardiogram,
  • Abstinence from food and drink 6 hours before the surgery,
  • Discontinuing certain medications, especially antiplatelet drugs or anticoagulants, vitamin supplements,
  • Avoidance of smoking and alcohol at least 4 weeks before the procedure,
  • An anaesthesiologist performing general anaesthesia,
  • Plastic surgeons operate, make appropriate incisions, place the implants, and suture.
    The entire operation generally lasts for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Quitting smoking is essential for enhancing recovery and reducing complications in your breast augmentation procedure. It improves blood flow and your body’s ability to combat infections.

Post-Operative Care and Recovery

Understanding potential post-operative complications alongside recovery processes forms pivotal knowledge after undergoing breast augmentation. With this procedure becoming increasingly popular within Bangkok itself—navigating these elements paves a smoother journey towards aesthetic objectives.

Post-Operative Complications After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Advanced surgical techniques and skilled doctors minimize the risk of complications after breast augmentation in Thailand. However, even with cutting-edge technology, some potential issues can arise. The good news? Most can be effectively managed without causing lasting problems.

Possible post-surgery complications include infection/inflammation/bleeding, scar/tissue fibrosis leading to hardened/irregularly shaped breasts, and rare instances of implant rupture.

Recovery After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Swelling and bruising are common post-surgery but generally subside within a few months. The final results can take six months to materialise fully, and aftercare instructions are provided based on individual surgery details.

Specific instructions would address managing discomfort, wound care, the use of compression garments, restrictions regarding physical activities, etc. Moreover, addressing the cost in Thailand beforehand will help you prepare for potential post-operative care expenses.

Breast Massage Procedure After Surgery

Regular breast massages after surgery can help prevent capsular contracture, a condition where scar tissue tightens around the implant. This can cause discomfort and change the implant’s shape. Massages are especially beneficial when implants are placed under the muscle (submuscular).

For optimal results, gently massage each breast upwards several times a day. This helps keep the implant mobile within its pocket. It’s important to note that massage instruction may vary depending on the type of implant or surgical technique used.

Understanding not only the surgery itself but also comprehending post-operative care and recovery forms an integral part of completing your breast augmentation journey towards enhanced self-confidence and satisfaction.

Risks and Complications of Breast Augmentation

While there are numerous benefits, particularly considering the cost/expertise available through breast augmentation within Thailand, it’s vital to understand potential challenges/pitfalls.

Most Common Complications from Breast Augmentation Surgery

One significant risk factor involved with this procedure, regardless of location, is the possibility of capsular contracture, where scar tissue forms around inserted implant hardening over time, potentially leading to discomfort—advanced implants mitigate this risk but don’t eliminate it altogether.

Another potential issue arises from implant rupture, where a hole develops in the material—recent technological advancements found at many Thai centres have drastically reduced these risks, although they remain present.

Sensation changes are another common occurrence, with some women reporting nipples becoming more/less sensitive post-operation—although predominantly temporary, lasting a few months, there exists a slight chance it could become permanent. Skilled surgical techniques and specialist care in Thailand significantly reduce the risks associated with breast augmentation. This is why Bangkok, known for its top-notch medical facilities, is a popular destination for this procedure.

Regardless of impressive cost/service offerings—it’s essential to remember that no surgical procedure is without risk—clear/open communication with your surgeon is pivotal ensuring you know exactly what to expect and understand any risks specific to your health/situation prior to making the decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation in Thailand

Flying After Breast Augmentation Because there is little physical movement during a flight, patients don’t have much to fear about flying after surgery. But, to stay safe, waiting until a week after surgery can be helpful to avoid any unexpected complications mid-flight.

Go for saline implants if you want to reduce the risk of medical complications. However, silicone implants will be a better choice if you value a natural appearance above all. And gummy bear implants will be right if you want the volume of saline with the natural shape and feel of silicone.

A study conducted by Ipsos Thailand of over 500 Thais aged 18 and over found that 87% of the participants either approve of or view plastic surgery positively. Government initiatives and the establishment of state-of-the-art medical facilities solidify Thailand’s reputation as a medical tourism destination.

For the first six weeks following breast augmentation, prioritize optimal healing by wearing a supportive bra at all times. After this initial period, occasional bralessness is acceptable, but for everyday wear, a supportive bra is recommended to maintain comfort and shape.

Some women experience symptoms like fatigue, memory loss, rash, brain fog, and joint pain after receiving breast implants. These symptoms may be associated with a condition called Breast Implant Illness (BII). Some patients may use the term “breast implant illness” (BII) to describe these symptoms. Researchers are investigating these symptoms to understand their origins better.

Swelling, tightness, and a higher position are all normal after breast augmentation. Don’t worry, these effects are temporary!

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