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What is a mommy makeover in Thailand?

Defining the Makeover

The term “Mommy Makeover” is applied to an inclusive range of cosmetic procedures aimed at revitalizing the physical form impacted by childbirth. This piece delves into the distinct treatments typically included in a Mommy Makeover.


Loose skin and weakened abdominal muscles are common issues after pregnancy, which may not always be resolved through diet and exercise. Therefore, a procedure called abdominoplasty or ‘tummy tuck’ is often included in a Mommy Makeover. In this operation, an experienced plastic surgeon removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and strengthens weak or separated abdominal muscles to achieve a smoother, flatter stomach.

Breast enhancement procedures

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause changes in breast shape and size due to altered skin elasticity and fat distribution, often leading to sagging or deflated breasts. Breast enhancement surgeries like augmentation or lift can rectify these changes by improving the size and position of the breasts, often restoring them to their pre-pregnancy look, often with even better results.

Liposuction and Body Contouring

Women often struggle with stubborn fat in areas like the hips, thighs, and belly even after returning to pre-pregnancy weight. Liposuction is a method that addresses these issues by specifically removing fat through a tube called a cannula inserted via small surgical incisions. When combined with body contouring procedures, liposuction can help sculpt the body into more defined proportions.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Techniques

Childbirth can result in changes in vaginal anatomy affecting physical comfort and sexual satisfaction for some women. Vaginal rejuvenation techniques such as labiaplasty or vaginoplasty restore vaginal tone, sensation along with aesthetic appearance increasingly being incorporated into mommy makeovers.

How do you recover after a Mommy Makeover?

The recovery phase following a Mommy Makeover is an essential component of this transformative procedure, integral to enhancing your physical aesthetics and elevating self-perception. Here is how to ensure an efficient recovery post-Mommy Makeover in Bangkok.

Strict Adherence to Post-Surgery Instructions: It is imperative that you treat the post-operative guidelines with utmost seriousness. Your medical expert will provide comprehensive instructions regarding medication administration, wound management, and physical engagement levels. Strict compliance with these directives can reduce the probability of complications and accelerate the healing trajectory.

Rest as a Priority: Allocating significant rest periods for bodily regeneration is vital. You may encounter difficulties performing routine tasks due to discomfort initially; during such instances, focus on restful hours, sufficient sleep cycles, and allowing ample time for comprehensive healing.

Emphasis on Hydration: Maintaining optimal hydration levels is fundamental to your convalescence. Regular water consumption aids in toxin expulsion promotes digestive functioning and enhances skin rejuvenation.

Have Nutrient-Rich Foods: Incorporating a diet abundant in vital nutrients and vitamins can expedite the healing course. Such dietary patterns can mitigate fatigue symptoms, decrease inflammatory responses and hasten recuperation phases. Consuming foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains could reinforce your body’s inherent healing capacity.

Gradual Activity Resumption: Although rest remains critical for recovery outcomes, integrating mild movements can also contribute positively towards healing progression. Undertaking light activities such as brief ambulatory sessions can stimulate blood circulation while diminishing risks associated with blood clot formation or muscle rigidity.

Consistent Follow-Up Visits: Routinely scheduled follow-up consultations with your surgeon serve as pivotal checkpoints throughout the recovery timeline. These interactions enable timely identification of potential concerns or complications, ensuring a seamless convalescent journey that is aligned with achieving anticipated results.

Successful completion of a Mommy Makeover demands dedication towards both surgical intervention as well as its ensuing recovery stage. Meticulous adherence to these guidelines ensures a seamless transition towards revitalized vigor in no time.

When to Resume Normal Activities after getting Mommy Makeover?

Resuming normal activities depends largely on the type of procedures undertaken during your Mommy Makeover, your overall wellness, and your individual recovery pace.

Generally, light, non-strenuous activities become possible a week or two after the surgery, but keep in mind that every recovery is unique. Always adhere to the advice given by your healthcare provider, prioritize rest, listen to your body, and make gradual steps towards full activity.

For extensive procedures, like a tummy tuck or breast lift, allowance of four to six weeks of recovery before resumption of regular duties becomes typical, as outlined in a study by Khan, U. A. (2013) Recovery from abdominoplasty.

Adjusting expectations and allowing yourself ample time to recover not only ensures your wellbeing, but also leads to enhanced, lasting results from your Bangkok Mommy Makeover venture.

How to Prepare for a Mommy Makeover in Bangkok?

When planning a Mommy makeover in Bangkok, two key elements require careful consideration: the consultation process and mental and physical preparation. These are crucial steps in your journey to reclaim your pre-baby body.

Consultations Tips: Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

During the initial consultation period, it’s vital to gather as much information as possible about the Mommy makeover procedure. This is the perfect opportunity to ask your surgeon some key questions to ensure you’re making an informed decision.

  1. Discuss Every Aspect: Understand the benefits and risks associated with each procedure in the Mommy makeover package. You might want to know about the surgery’s longevity and potential side effects.

  2. Surgeon’s Expertise: Ask about the surgeon’s experience in performing Mommy makeovers. Their expertise could give you confidence in their abilities.

  3. Recovery Time: It’s very vital to know the recovery period post-surgery. This could help you plan activities and arrange for childcare, if necessary.

  4. Results: Get a clear picture of what you can expect after your Mommy makeover. You may want to ask for before and after pictures of previous clients which most surgeons do maintain for reference.

Remember, a consultation is your chance to elaborate on your goals and voice any concerns. Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as needed.

How to Prepare Physically and Mentally

Your Mommy makeover in Bangkok is more than a physical transformation; it’s also a mental journey.

  1. Mental Preparation: Manage your expectations. Understand that the process takes time and the results may not be instant. Keep a positive mindset while undergoing this transformative journey.

  2. Physical Preparation: Maintain a healthy lifestyle before going into surgery. Regular exercise and a balanced diet can aid your recovery process post-surgery.

  3. Support System: Have a support group ready. It could be your partner, family, or friends who can provide emotional support and help with tasks post-surgery.

  4. Plan your schedule: Ensure you have a hassle-free period post-surgery. Be it work, house chores or childcare, plan in advance so that you can have a peaceful recovery.

From consultation to recovery, each step of your Mommy makeover in Bangkok is a rare opportunity to reclaim your former self. While it may seem daunting, remember that the transformative journey is a testament to your resilience as a mother. So move forward confidently knowing that you’re not alone on this path.

A Mommy Makeover in Bangkok is tailor-made for you, addressing your unique needs and goals. It’s a transformative process that targets the areas most affected by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, helping you reclaim your confidence, and restore your body’s youthfulness and vitality.

Is a Mommy Makeover worth it?

Girl thinking about getting Mommy makeover
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Evaluating the value of a Mommy Makeover involves analysing the benefits it provides. With a Mommy makeover Bangkok, you get a timely and efficient treatment—a combination of procedures like breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction—all designed, not to simply restore your pre-baby body, but enhance it. This transformation often instils increased self-esteem and improved quality of life, marking the journey worth it for many mothers. However, the decision is deeply personal, and the ultimate worth of it varies from person to person.

What are the cons of a mommy makeover?

Undoubtedly, a mommy makeover, even in Bangkok, has its drawbacks despite the promising benefits. In enhancing body aesthetics post childbirth, these type of procedures carry several risks and complications.

Firstly, surgical procedures always carry the risk of unfavourable scarring. Resultant from procedures like tummy tucks and breast lifts, scarring, albeit minor, is a common outcome. These marks, in some cases, linger visibly which can affect your body image.

Secondly, the cost factor can be substantial. Mommy makeover procedures entail high investment and, depending on your geographic location, the expense varies. In comparison, Bangkok has reported lower costs but it still forms a significant portion of your budget.

Thirdly, multiple surgeries carry inherent risks. Being under general anaesthesia for an extended duration as multiple procedures are performed may lead to complications and health issues. It is therefore imperative that you approach a trusted health professional and hospital, ensuring they’re equipped to handle such surgical sessions.

Lastly, the recovery period can be intensive. Often, new moms underestimate the commitment and time required to recover appropriately post these procedures. It includes physical rest, postoperative care, lifestyle changes, and intermittent discomfort, all of which demand adequate measures to ensure a safe and healthy recovery.

While a mommy makeover provides the balm of self-confidence to new moms, it also brings with it particular reservations. Make sure to properly research, consider alternatives, and make an informed decision that views the potential risks alongside the benefits.

How many sizes do you lose with a mommy makeover?

When considering a mommy makeover, it’s crucial to remember that this set of procedures targets body contouring, not drastic weight loss. Most patients experience a drop of one to two dress sizes post-procedure. However, the exact figure varies depending on factors such as the specific combination of procedures and individual bodily responses. For example, tummy tucks and liposuction can significantly reduce your waist size, while breast augmentation or a lift can change your bra size.

The role of a mommy makeover is not to dramatically transform body size, but rather to enhance and reinvigorate your body shape after childbirth. It aims to restore your confidence by enhancing your physical appearance. It’s recommended that patients reach their target weight before undergoing a mommy makeover in Bangkok, as extreme weight fluctuations post-surgery can affect the results.

Remember, a key part of the mommy makeover is maintaining a healthy lifestyle post-surgery. Regular exercise and a balanced diet will ensure that the fantastic results achieved from your mommy makeover are long-lasting. Hence, rather than focusing on the sizes you’ll lose, it’s crucial to consider the overall improvement in body contour and the boost in self-esteem a mommy makeover can provide.

What people say about Phuket Surgery?

“After doing my research, I choose Phuket Surgery for my breast augmentation and it happen to be a great decision. From consultation to final check-up, their team was supportive and caring. The recommended clinic was world-class, and my surgeon was an expert. The results are phenomenal – I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend!”

Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson

“Phuket Surgery website provided detailed information, and their coordination was flawless. The clinic they recommended was very good, and my surgeon was professional. The results matched my expectations – I feel more confident than before. Thank you Phuket Surgery!”

Naree Jiraporn

Naree Jiraporn

“Phuket Surgery made my liposuction journey amazing. From inquiry to post-surgery care, their team was supportive and professional. The recommended clinic exceeded expectations in cleanliness, expertise, and results. Recovering in Phuket was therapeutic. Highly recommended!”

Alicia Tan

Alicia Tan

“I chose to have liposuction in Bangkok after a lot extensive research, and I am so glad I ended up in Bangkok. The atmosphere was extremely relaxing, and the doctors were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The process was executed flawlessly, and the results exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended this clinic to my friends and would strongly advise anyone considering liposuction to do the same.”

Amy Leith

Amy Leith

“My Mommy Makeover in Thailand was a dream come true. I had breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction as part of my packages and was pleased with all of the treatments. I would strongly recommend this treatment to any woman seeking a complete body transformation. ”

Eleaz Larson

Eleaz Larson

“I knew I was in good hands the moment I walked into the clinic. The staff was extremely professional, friendly, and helpful in answering all of my questions. The procedure was quick and painless, and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. The aftercare was also excellent, and I would definitely return for additional procedures. ”

Lucy Smith

Lucy Smith

“I had a Mommy Makeover in Thailand recently and couldn’t be happier with the results! The entire process was extremely simple, and the cost was half of what I would have paid at home. Everyone went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and well-cared for at all times. I’m overjoyed with my new look and would recommend this treatment to anyone looking for a makeover. ”

Tanya Trew

Tanya Trew

“I recently had a tummy tuck in Phuket and am grateful to the clinic’s wonderful staff and surgeons. I felt taken care of and safe from the moment I arrived. The entire procedure was extremely well-organized and professional. ”

Jenna Martinez

Jenna Martinez

“I had liposuction in Bangkok recently and am very pleased with the results. Thailand’s atmosphere was ideal for a relaxing and risk-free procedure. The doctors were knowledgeable, attentive, and skilled. I was given a lot of information prior to the procedure and felt comfortable throughout. The results were fantastic, and I am overjoyed with the outcome that I received. ”

Casey Cooper

Casey Cooper

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What are the prices of Mommy Makeover in Bangkok?

** Please note that the prices shown here may not be the final price for you as we offer a personalised package for everyone and thus the price may vary.

Option 1

Starting price at 464K
BA Mentor round less than 400cc 109,000 +
Breast lift 110,000 + Tummy tuck 125,000 +
Vaser lipo: flank, waist, and back 120,000
Extra cost is IPCD 7,500-9,000 THB, Covid test 500 THB and body garment

Option 2

Starting Price At 560K
BA and lift Mentor round less than 400 cc 250,000 +
Tummy tuck 155,000 + Thigh lift 155,000
Extra cost is Covid test 8,000 THB
Includes Physical Examination, Take home Medication, and VIP nursing care
Includes registration fees, consultation fees, anesthesia, surgery, follow-up after surgery.

Option 3

Starting Price At 440K
BA 300-350 cc USFDA implant Brand 120,000 +
liposuction: U/L abdomen, flanks, Upper back 200,000 +
Mini lipectomy 120,000
Extra cost is Laboratory tests 3,300-6,300 THB and Covid test 3,500 THB

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Breast Augmentation in Phuket

Startiing Price At 505K
BA Mentor round 115,000 THB + Tummy tuck 190,000 THB +
Vaser lipo U/L abdomen and love handles 200,000 THB
Package includes 5-night hospital admission (private room), surgeon's fee, routine medications and follow up
Extra cost of exercise stress test is 7,000THB

How to choose the right clinic and surgeons for your Mommy Makeover in Bangkok?

When it comes to getting a Mommy Makeover in Bangkok, a crucial aspect that can’t be overlooked is the choice of the right clinic and surgeons. Reliable and experienced surgeons are paramount for achieving the desired results and minimizing potential risks.

Selecting a suitable clinic involves researching potential candidates, verifying the surgeon’s qualifications and background, and reviewing existing patients’ testimonies. Be aware of the surgeons’ experience and client satisfaction rates as they can greatly influence the final result.

An ideal clinic should provide comprehensive care involving preoperative tests, surgical procedures, and postoperative care. It should also ensure lower risks of complications, short recovery periods, and focus on achieving the perfect body proportion.

Remember, cost savings is an appealing aspect of undergoing a Mommy Makeover in Bangkok. However, cost should not be the sole determining factor in making your decision. Opt for a clinic that balances affordable service with quality healthcare.

A well-researched decision can lead you towards an efficient and satisfying Mommy Makeover experience in Bangkok. Always prioritize safety and desired outcomes over cost and convenience.

What is the price of Mommy Makeover in Bangkok?

Woman Pinching Her Belly Fat
Image by PORNCHAI SODA from Getty Images

When it comes to a Mommy Makeover in Bangkok, the cost significantly varies when compared to Australia and New Zealand. Generally, surgery costs in Thailand constitute approximately one third of what you’d encounter in Australia. For instance, a Mommy Makeover in Australia could start from around 120,000 THB to 480,000 THB, whereas in Thailand, the same procedure package, excluding airfares, commences at a considerably lower 400,000 THB to 560,000 THB. To put it in context, opting for a Mommy Makeover in Bangkok could potentially result in enormous savings, especially for those considering multiple procedures.

However, attach importance to not just the financial savings, but to safety and results quality as well. Despite the cost efficiency, consider that not all countries carry the same caliber of surgeons, and Thailand is home to numerous top-tier surgeons. To illuminate, since the year 2000, there’s been a 100% satisfaction rate observed in mums getting a Mommy Makeover in Thailand.

Factors Influencing Total Cost

Plastic Surgery Thai prices for a Mommy Makeover vary based on a multitude of factors. The total cost isn’t solely confined to the surgery charges, but other elements such as the number of procedures, duration of hospital stay, choice of hospital and fluctuating exchange rates. Thus, it’s vital to meticulously consider these aspects during your decision-making process.

Packages in Thailand routinely include a standard Breast Implant and Tummy Tuck Package and 12 days in Thailand. They involve transfers, hospital costs, hotel stay, and price of professional advice. Nevertheless, always remember to enquire in-depth, as many factors could alter the final cost.

In essence, while the cost is a significant attraction drawing many to a Mommy Makeover in Bangkok, it’s crucial that this isn’t the only parameter for your important decision such as this one. Evaluate all your options holistically, ensuring that your journey towards regaining your pre-pregnancy body is not only cost-effective but powerfully empowered by utmost safety.

What are the risks of Mommy Makeover?

When contemplating a Mommy Makeover in Bangkok, it’s crucial to take into account the potential risks and benefits involved. This section will serve as a guide to understanding these aspects, ensuring a well-informed decision.

Understanding the Potential Complications

Like any other surgery, a Mommy Makeover comes with certain unavoidable risks. Although the plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Bangkok are experienced and highly skilled, complications can still arise. They include, but aren’t limited to, infection, bleeding, and adverse reactions to anesthesia.

Certain tests are performed 7-10 days before the procedure to minimize these risks. These include a complete blood count, Urea and Creatinine measurement, Glucose check, PT and PTT, and Fibrinogen check. These tests are essential, performed after a comprehensive physical assessment of the patient to ensure safety throughout the surgery.

There are also postoperative considerations such as the recovery time, which can vary based on the complexity of procedures and individual condition. Any surgery requires a sufficient recovery period – typically, a stay of 7-10 days is recommended.

Assessing the Risks Versus Benefits

As you weigh the risks and benefits of a Mommy Makeover, consider what the surgery aims to achieve. The goal is to boost your self-confidence by enhancing and defining your post-pregnancy body. Procedures like body lifts, used to enhance the shape and tone of underlying tissue whilst removing excess, sagging fat and skin, result in a more positive self-image.

Moreover, choosing a Mommy Makeover in Bangkok provides affordability alongside quality. While the final prices are subject to physical evaluation and laboratory report analyses, the cost can offer considerable savings compared to other locations such as Australia and New Zealand.

But remember, while cost savings may be an attractive factor, they shouldn’t be the sole determining factor. Reputable surgeons in Bangkok prioritize safety and patient satisfaction over affordability, equating success not by money saved, but by satisfaction and safety achieved.

Don’t merely assess the Mommy Makeover by its price tag; assess it by its potential to enhance your quality of life. It’s about finding a balance between cost, benefits, and risks. Consider all these facets in your decision-making process, and you’ll be on the right path towards a successful Mommy Makeover in Bangkok.

What are the Essential Pre-Operative Steps to Follow?

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Consult With The Surgeon

Second step will begins with an initial consultation, during which you discuss concerns, ask questions, and outline desired results.

Pre-Surgery Evaluations

Before undergoing any procedure, we will run medical tests to ensure safe procedures, and assess your overall health status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each Mummy Makeover in Bangkok is customised, often including Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, with optional Labiaplasty and Liposuction.

The results of your tummy tuck and liposuction may be permanent, but breast implants typically require revision eventually. Nevertheless, many women enjoy their new figure for up to 10 years before considering an update.

While a Mommy Makeover can significantly boost a woman’s confidence and self-esteem, it’s important to weigh the potential risks and benefits before proceeding. The benefits often include a firmer, flatter stomach, enhanced breast shape, and a more balanced body proportion.

If your primary concerns are with your abdomen, a tummy tuck alone might suffice. However, if you’re looking to also enhance the volume and shape of your breasts, a mommy makeover offers a more complete rejuvenation.

After your surgery, you might feel groggy, nauseous, or dizzy from the anesthesia. Pain and discomfort are usually most intense in the first few days following a mommy makeover. You will be prescribed medication to help manage the pain.

What is the cost of Similar or Other Procedures in Thailand?

ProcedurePrice Range (฿)
Mommy Makeover฿440,000 – ฿560,000
Breast Augmentation฿95,000 – ฿126,000
Liposuction฿99,000 – ฿200,000
Breast Lift฿110,000 – ฿180,000
Tummy Tuck฿125,000 – ฿190,000
Rhinoplasty฿150,000 – ฿180,000
Neck Lift฿109,000 – ฿140,000
Hair Transplant฿109,000 – ฿225,000

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