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What are the reasons for choosing Phuket for Liposuction?

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There are several reasons why people choose Phuket for their liposuction treatment. First, the cost. Liposuction in Phuket comes at a fraction of the price you’d pay in the UK or the US. The affordable rates don’t compromise on the quality of care, either.

The second reason is the expertise. Surgeons in Phuket have comprehensive training and years of experience in performing liposuction. Many of them have received international recognition for their work.

Finally, the experience. Getting your liposuction in Phuket means you get to recover in a paradise-like setting. The beautiful beaches, tasty food and warm culture make the recovery process far more enjoyable.

What is the Liposuction Procedure?

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You’ve already grasped some compelling reasons to choose Phuket for your liposuction procedure. Nonetheless, it’s pivotal to gain a good understanding of what the liposuction procedure actually entails and the types of liposuction techniques available in Phuket.

What does liposuction consist of?

In its essence, liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that breaks up and sucks fat from various possible parts of the body. Generally, it’s used on areas like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, upper and back of the arms, and calves. The process employs a hollow instrument, known as a cannula, inserted under the skin. A powerful, high-pressure vacuum applied to the cannula makes fat removal possible. Keep in mind, this is not primarily a weight-loss tool but a contouring procedure.

Types of Liposuction Techniques Available in Phuket

Phuket, renowned for its world-class medical facilities, offers a variety of liposuction techniques. Two common procedures you may encounter would include Tumescent Liposuction and Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL).

  1. Tumescent Liposuction: Proven as the most common type, the surgeon injects a sterile solution into the area where the fat is to be removed. It consists of saline (which is salt water), along with lidocaine and epinephrine to assist in fat removal.

  2. Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL): This specific technique uses ultrasound to liquefy the fat, which then allows easier fat removal.

Countless folks select liposuction in Phuket due to its cost-effectiveness and the exceptional skills of surgeons. Rest assured, whatever type of procedure you choose, you can anticipate top-notch care and treatment throughout your medical journey.

How to Choose the Right Clinic in Phuket?

An essential part of your liposuction journey in Phuket is selecting the clinic that best suits your needs. Bringing together a blend of professional experience, cutting-edge techniques, and prime customer care, a few factors determine the clinic’s rightness.

Accreditation and Credentials to Look For

Trustworthy clinics will house certifications that reflect their expertise and credibility in the liposuction field. Particularly, look out for accolades from international accreditation bodies, such as Joint Commission International (JCI). A clinic with JCI accreditation demonstrates rigorous compliance with global health standards.

Clinics also often showcase the qualifications and accolades of their resident surgeons. Examine the credentials of the surgeons who perform Liposuction in Phuket. Besides basic medical degrees, notable achievements include American Board of Cosmetic Surgery certification or affiliation with professional bodies like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

What to Expect During Consultation

Setting the right expectations, the initial consultation exposes you to your prospective surgeon’s expertise, professionalism, and patient care standards. Respectful, transparent, and thorough are the traits of the professionals engaged in Liposuction in Phuket.

A comprehensive physical examination constitutes one part of the initial consultation. The surgeon measures your BMI, examines your skin elasticity, and evaluates the problem areas you wish to target with Liposuction. All this is done while maintaining the highest standards of patient dignity and confidentiality.

The surgeon will discuss potential risks and outcomes, explain the liposuction process, and suggest the most suited technique for you – be it Tumescent Liposuction or Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction. The openness of this exchange, coupled with their willingness to answer your queries, testifies to the quality of a clinic in Phuket.

In the pursuit of Liposuction in Phuket, accreditation and a fruitful consultation play pivotal roles in guaranteeing the desired results and a seamless experience. The standards maintained by Phuket clinics establish this paradise island not just as an ideal location for recovery but also for the highest level of medical care.

What people say about Phuket Surgery?

“After doing my research, I choose Phuket Surgery for my breast augmentation and it happen to be a great decision. From consultation to final check-up, their team was supportive and caring. The recommended clinic was world-class, and my surgeon was an expert. The results are phenomenal – I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend!”

Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson

“Phuket Surgery website provided detailed information, and their coordination was flawless. The clinic they recommended was very good, and my surgeon was professional. The results matched my expectations – I feel more confident than before. Thank you Phuket Surgery!”

Naree Jiraporn

Naree Jiraporn

“Phuket Surgery made my liposuction journey amazing. From inquiry to post-surgery care, their team was supportive and professional. The recommended clinic exceeded expectations in cleanliness, expertise, and results. Recovering in Phuket was therapeutic. Highly recommended!”

Alicia Tan

Alicia Tan

“I chose to have liposuction in Bangkok after a lot extensive research, and I am so glad I ended up in Bangkok. The atmosphere was extremely relaxing, and the doctors were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The process was executed flawlessly, and the results exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended this clinic to my friends and would strongly advise anyone considering liposuction to do the same.”

Amy Leith

Amy Leith

“My Mommy Makeover in Thailand was a dream come true. I had breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction as part of my packages and was pleased with all of the treatments. I would strongly recommend this treatment to any woman seeking a complete body transformation. ”

Eleaz Larson

Eleaz Larson

“I knew I was in good hands the moment I walked into the clinic. The staff was extremely professional, friendly, and helpful in answering all of my questions. The procedure was quick and painless, and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. The aftercare was also excellent, and I would definitely return for additional procedures. ”

Lucy Smith

Lucy Smith

“I had a Mommy Makeover in Thailand recently and couldn’t be happier with the results! The entire process was extremely simple, and the cost was half of what I would have paid at home. Everyone went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and well-cared for at all times. I’m overjoyed with my new look and would recommend this treatment to anyone looking for a makeover. ”

Tanya Trew

Tanya Trew

“I recently had a tummy tuck in Phuket and am grateful to the clinic’s wonderful staff and surgeons. I felt taken care of and safe from the moment I arrived. The entire procedure was extremely well-organized and professional. ”

Jenna Martinez

Jenna Martinez

“I had liposuction in Bangkok recently and am very pleased with the results. Thailand’s atmosphere was ideal for a relaxing and risk-free procedure. The doctors were knowledgeable, attentive, and skilled. I was given a lot of information prior to the procedure and felt comfortable throughout. The results were fantastic, and I am overjoyed with the outcome that I received. ”

Casey Cooper

Casey Cooper

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What is the price of Liposuction in Phuket?

**Prices shown here may not be the final price, depending on your medical profile and spesific needs

Option 1

VASER Liposuction (3 areas: upper abdomen, lower abdomen and love handles)
First area 90,000+additonal area 55,000
Package includes 1-2 nights hospital admission (private room)
Surgeon's fee
Routine medications and follow ups
Extra cost for Exercise stress test is 6,000 - 7,000 THB

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Option 1

Vaser liposuction whole abdomen (less than 90 kg)
Love Handles
First area 90,000+ additional area 30,000
Extra cost for IPCD is 7,500 - 9,000 THB
Covid Test 500 THB and Body garment

Option 2

Starting price for Abdomen liposuction
Extra cost for Covid Test is 8,000 THB
Already includes Physical Examination
Take home Medication
VIP nursing care
Take home Medication
VIP nursing care, registration fees, consultation fees
Anesthesia, Surgery, and Follow-up after Surgery

Option 3

Starting price for abdomen and flanks
Extra cost for Laboratory tests is 3,300-6,300 THB
Covid test 3,500 THB

How to prepare for Liposuction in Phuket?

Pre-Operative Guidelines

Proper preparation ensures an optimal outcome for your liposuction procedure. Adhere to your doctor’s detailed instructions, and don’t hesitate to clarify any doubts. Generally, there are some crucial steps involved:

  • Quit smoking for at least two weeks before the procedure, as nicotine can interfere with your body’s recovery process.

  • Abstain from alcohol consumption for a few days prior to the surgery to minimize the risk of excessive bleeding.

  • Avoid aspirins, anti-inflammatory drugs, and certain herbal supplements, which might lead to increased bleeding.

  • Invest in a compression garment. Following liposuction, this helps with the healing process, reducing swelling and improving contour.

  • Organise transport arrangements for the day of your procedure as you’ll need someone to drive you home post surgery.

Remember, it’s essential to nourish your body adequately in the lead-up to the operation. Eat a balanced diet high in vitamins and low in sodium to promote healing and reduce water retention.

Travel and Accommodation Tips

Travelling to Phuket for your liposuction procedure? It’s worthwhile making your stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Here are some tips:

  • Choose accommodation near your treatment centre if possible. It’ll reduce travel time for appointments and allow for a quick return post-surgery.

  • Check with your chosen accommodation if they offer specific services for medical travellers. Some hotels cater expressly to this clientele, providing services such as private transport to and from the clinic and meal delivery.

  • If planning to enjoy Phuket’s attractions, do this prior to your procedure. You likely won’t be up for much activity in the immediate days following your liposuction.

  • Consider getting travel insurance that offers coverage for medical tourism. It adds an extra layer of financial protection should anything unexpected occur.

Contemplating liposuction in Phuket doesn’t have to be daunting. With accurate information and preparedness, you can ensure a successful procedure and post-operative recovery.

What is the Essential Pre-Operative Steps to Follow?

Submit Medical Profile

Click Get My Free Quote to share your contact information and submit your medical profile. This step is essential for Phuket Surgery to provide you a personalised offer.

Consult with the Surgeon

Second step will begins with an initial consultation, during which you discuss concerns, ask questions, and outline desired results.

Tests & Evaluations

Before undergoing any procedure, we will run medical tests to ensure safe procedures, and assess your overall health status.

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How to fully recover from a Liposuction in Phuket?

The Role of Proper Recovery for Liposuction Procedure

The essence of a successful liposuction procedure is rooted deeply in proper recovery. This phase is not just an interim period but a crucial process requiring due respect and attention. Consuming a balanced diet, getting ample rest, and practising regular movement are critical elements during recovery. As a patient recently undergoing a liposuction procedure, you’ll find that regulated sleep can significantly enhance wound healing. Simultaneously, maintaining a balanced diet rich in proteins facilitates tissue repair. Regular movement helps prevent possible complications like blood clots, drastically improving your overall health post-surgery.

Significance of Aftercare in Healing

Aftercare plays a pivotal role in alleviating post-surgical discomfort and speeding up healing. This includes following the doctor’s instructions meticulously and attending all follow-up appointments. Being alert to changes within your body enables early detection of any anomalies, which, when reported promptly to your surgeon, can significantly lower the risk of complications.

For instance, in liposuction in Phuket cases, regular lymphatic massages lead to healthier skin while increasing mobility and reducing swelling at operated sites. Medications prescribed also aid healing by limiting inflammation while providing pain relief, thus forming part of the aftercare routine, which, if followed correctly, can lead to successful healing with desired results post-liposuction.

What are the types of recovery & aftercare strategies that you can implement?

Post-liposuction recovery & aftercare strategies employed in Phuket include several types spanning physical, mental, and holistic dimensions. Each patient’s healing process is unique; hence, each recovery and aftercare plan caters to their specific needs.

1. Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Engaging in physical therapy and rehabilitation is crucial as your body has undergone significant change, requiring gentle yet deliberate movements to promote healing and regain optimal fitness. At this stage, compression garments help reduce swelling by applying continuous, even pressure on the liposuction area, while lymphatic massages aid in the drainage of excess fluid, speeding up recovery and reducing discomfort. It’s recommended that such therapies be commenced under professional supervision, ensuring safe and effective results.

2. Mental & Emotional Support

The road to recovery post-liposuction is not merely a physical journey but encompasses significant mental and emotional aspects as well. Feelings of anxiety, depression or self-doubt during this period are quite normal; hence, professional support from psychologists, therapists, or support groups can facilitate your transition while enhancing your emotional wellness. Make sure to express any concerns or emotions openly with your care team.

3. Holistic Approaches to Recovery

Holistic recovery focuses on leveraging the body’s innate healing capabilities. Implementing a balanced diet post-liposuction in Phuket provides the necessary nutrients to aid recovery. Proper hydration combined with a protein-rich diet accelerates the healing process, whereas practices like meditation & yoga foster calmness, helping alleviate common post-liposuction discomforts like insomnia & stress levels.

How to plan your recovery journey?

Navigating through the post-liposuction phase requires strategic planning, focusing on details and ensuring careful execution.

Setting Realistic Goals

Understanding your body’s limitations while setting realistic goals is integral to the recovery process. Gradual progress tends to yield lasting results; hence, return to regular activities only when you’re comfortable doing so. For instance, taking short gentle walks initially post-liposuction rather than opting for rigorous exercises will enhance healing, minimize discomfort, and optimize physical appearance.

Creating a Supportive Environment

A positive environment expedites healing post-liposuction. Ensure your surroundings provide relaxation and stress-free recovery. A quiet, clean and comfortable space with essentials like heating pads for pain relief, plenty of water for hydration and nutritious snacks to nourish can significantly foster a conducive recovery climate. Surrounding yourself with supportive individuals who understand your recovery process can offer emotional support and practical help, making your post-liposuction aftercare experience in Phuket much smoother.

What is the cost of Liposuction in Phuket?

When contemplating a journey to enhance your body, Phuket liposuction emerges as a compelling choice. It’s crucial to understand cost implications and how they are influenced by diverse factors.

Factors That Influence the Price of Liposuction in Phuket

Several variables can influence the cost of your liposuction in Phuket. Firstly, the extent of the liposuction procedure—a significant factor that depends on the quantity of fat to be extracted—influences the total bill. Multiple sessions might be necessary for larger areas, incurring additional costs.

Secondly, the surgeon’s experience plays a vital role. In Phuket, expertise comes with a price tag – but considering the delicate nature of liposuction, this is no place to compromise.

Thirdly, the type of anaesthesia administered is another cost contributor. Local anaesthesia is generally cheaper, but for more complex liposuctions, general anaesthesia may be required.

Fourthly, hospital charges, including your stay and follow-up visits, add to the total expenditure. Remember, aftercare is just as crucial for ensuring the success of the surgery.

Lastly, while seemingly small, recovery items such as compression garments add up, as they are necessary for a quick and comfortable recovery period.

What is the price difference between Phuket & other countries?

It’s natural to weigh the benefits of liposuction in Phuket against other popular locations worldwide. Compared to places like the United States or the United Kingdom, where liposuction can cost thousands of dollars, Phuket offers a cost-efficient alternative without compromising on quality of care.

For instance, a standard procedure in Phuket might cost a couple of thousand dollars, around USD 5,400 (THB 200,000).

However, while cost savings are significant, remember that overseas medical procedures come with their considerations. These include travelling for the surgery, accommodation during recovery, and the potential complexities of post-surgery complications. Though rare, such instances underline the importance of choosing a proven, reputable clinic for your liposuction in Phuket.

By assessing all contributing factors and investing in your health and safety, you’ll find that liposuction in Phuket is a worthwhile consideration.

What are the risks of liposuction in Phuket?

Stomach Liposuction Surgery And Diet
Image by AndreyPopov from Getty Images

Understanding Risks and Complications

Having discussed the thrill and concerns tied to the prospect of liposuction in Phuket, it is crucial to delve into the potential risks and complications that it may encompass. This understanding informs your decisions while embarking on the journey towards cosmetic surgery.

Defining Risk in Medical Terms

In medical dialogue, ‘risk’ signifies the potential of experiencing adverse health effects or harm. Liposuction, like any other form of surgery, exhibits such potential. However, comprehension of risk varies amongst individuals. A broad umbrella, risk might mean occasional discomfort for some, whereas for others, it could relate to drastic implications such as severe infections or blood clots.

Types of Complications in Healthcare

The healthcare sector acknowledges two principal types of complications – systemic and procedural. Systemic complications are internal, affecting multiple organs or systems. Liposuction may contribute to systemic complications such as allergic reactions, or even, in rare instances, cardiac arrest.

On the other hand, procedural complications arise from the process of the surgery itself. In liposuction, examples of procedural complications could include wound infection, skin necrosis or irregular skin surface post-surgery.

Through understanding these risks and complications, you are better equipped to make informed and confident decisions about your liposuction journey in Phuket.

What are the Common Risks Associated with Liposuction?

Navigating through liposuction in Phuket comes with its unique set of challenges, particularly when addressing common surgical risks. Two pivotal complications that prospective patients often fear are infection and bleeding, as well as anaesthesia-related complications.

1. Infection and Bleeding

Infections become a concern after any surgical procedure, including liposuction. Site infections are common risks that may occur post-surgery. Rigorous disinfection routines characterise professional clinics, reducing the probability of infection. Despite this, it’s always crucial to follow aftercare instructions meticulously to safeguard your health.

Bleeding, on the other hand, also becomes relevant post-surgery. While a little bleeding post-liposuction is normal, excessive bleeding could signify problems like internal haemorrhaging. You will notice signs such as growing bruises or increased pain, which necessitate immediate professional attention. The best approach remains open communication with your healthcare provider to monitor and manage potential bleeding after liposuction in Phuket.

Anaesthesia, while a routine part of most surgeries, carries a set of risks itself. Standard complications linked with anaesthesia include nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. In some rare instances, adverse reactions to anaesthesia could result in more serious complications like respiratory problems or allergic reactions. However, extensive pre-operative checks by the anesthesiologist aim to prevent such occurrences. Always disclose any medical history or previous reactions to anaesthesia.

Continuing this liposuction journey in Phuket needn’t be daunting; being informed about these risks aids in creating a solid risk management plan, together with your healthcare provider. Each step taken towards acknowledging and preparing for these possible complications is a step closer to a safer, smoother liposuction experience in Phuket.

What are the Long-Term Health Condition Risks?

Long-term health conditions pose different complications during liposuction — especially prominent ones like heart disease and diabetes. The following subsections discuss these risks in detail, offering useful insights.

1. Heart Disease

Cardiac patients experience amplified risks during any surgery, including liposuction. Complications can include erratic heart rhythms, blood clots, and even heart attacks. These instances often stem from either the strain surgery puts on the heart or because of a negative reaction to anaesthesia. With pre-existing heart conditions, such deliberation becomes inevitable during liposuction in Phuket. Therefore, complete cardiac evaluation forms part of the pre-operative assessment, facilitating decisions aligned with patient safety.

2. Diabetes and Complication Management

Diabetes — another condition impacting liposuction recovery. High glucose levels render the body more susceptible to infections, hindering the wound healing process. Additionally, surgeries drain physical reserves, leading to inconsistent blood glucose levels. Hence, tracking and managing blood glucose before, during, and after liposuction becomes vital. Collaborative management, involving both the patient and the diabetes care team, ensures healthier recovery following liposuction in Phuket.

Remember, successful surgical outcomes depend largely on understanding individual health risks and managing them effectively. Detailed discussions with your healthcare providers assist in evaluating these risks, tailoring the surgical plan accordingly.

What are the Lifestyle and Environmental Risks?

Making a decision about undergoing liposuction in Phuket isn’t limited to understanding surgical complications. Your lifestyle and the environment you live in also pose certain risks. These factors can influence the effectiveness of the procedure, your recovery, and future health outcomes.

1. Dietary Habits

Poor dietary habits significantly increase the risk of complications during liposuction. For instance, a diet high in saturated fats and processed foods increases body inflammation levels, making healing after liposuction more challenging. On the other hand, a balanced diet rich in proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can enhance healing and reduce swelling. In essence, maintaining a healthy diet before and after liposuction in Phuket becomes essential for optimal recovery.

2. Exposure to Toxins and Pollution

The exposure to environmental toxins and pollution can also affect liposuction outcomes. Daily exposure to pollutants like heavy metals, chemical toxins, and particle pollution may hinder the body’s healing capability. Such exposure can lead to increased oxidative stress and inflammation, which can potentially complicate the post-operative recovery process. You must consider these factors when planning for liposuction and undertake necessary steps, like improving indoor air quality, to minimize risk and promote healing.

Remember, your lifestyle choices and the environment play a critical role in evaluating risks associated with liposuction in Phuket. Therefore, take time to assess these factors for a safer and more successful experience.

What are the Psychological Impact of Risks and Complications?

Diving into this crucial aspect of your liposuction journey, it’s integral to understand that risks and complications aren’t just physical. They come with psychological implications too, particularly in forms of stress and anxiety. These psychological aspects, if overlooked, can affect your recovery after a liposuction operation in Phuket, and overall well-being.

1. Stress and Anxiety

Truly embracing liposuction in Phuket, you’ll reckon with the fact that even a well-planned operation brings forth stress and anxiety. Whether about the surgery itself, the potential complications, or the outcome, these feelings are common. Surprisingly, even after a successful procedure, anxiety may persist, lurking around recovery period or the fear of relapsing into old dietary habits. A pivotal part of the liposuction process entails confronting these psychological manifestations.

Stress might lurk in various forms, sparking concern about the procedure success, the surgeon’s expertise, or the potential physical discomfort. Anxiety is another face of the coin, bound up with insecurity about changes in body image, fear of judgement, or worries about post-operative care and recovery. Comprehend that these feelings are a part of the process, a natural reaction to a significant change. It’s beneficial to acknowledge them and seek ways to manage and mitigate their effects.

2. Coping Strategies and Support

Bracing yourself for liposuction in Phuket, formulating coping strategies and procuring support systems are paramount in tackling stress and anxiety. Viable coping strategies might involve equipping yourself with thorough knowledge about the procedure, engaging in relaxing activities like yoga or meditation pre and post-surgery, and maintaining a positive outlook.

Another pivotal aspect is cultivating a robust support system. Emotional stability is fueled by encouragement and reassurance from family and friends. Professional support in terms of a skilled surgical team, and the reassurance of their expertise, also reinforces confidence in the procedure. Post-surgical care and guidance from health practitioners play a consequential role in managing anxiety during recovery.

Comprehension and prior preparation about the psychological aspects of liposuction in Phuket, thus not only promise a smoother surgery and recovery experience but also ensure long-term satisfaction and improved self-confidence. Don’t overlook this critical component if liposuction is in your future, and remember that psychological recovery is as integral as physical recovery from the procedure.

How to Mitigate Risks and Manage Complications?

The goal is always to make your liposuction procedure in Phuket as safe and effective as possible.

Preventive Measures in Healthcare

Your healthcare provider plays a critical role in helping you mitigate risks and manage complications by implementing preventive measures. They conduct comprehensive health assessments, make accurate diagnoses, prescribe the right treatment and arguably most importantly, provide you with the necessary knowledge to manage your health pre and post operation.

For instance, your professional may advise you to maintain a specific diet, take prescribed medicines, reduce alcohol consumption and avoid smoking before your liposuction procedure. These recommendations aim to optimize your physical condition, ensuring your body is prepared for surgery and recovery.

Undergoing liposuction in Phuket demands a high standard of healthcare. Therefore, your healthcare provider won’t only focus on physical considerations. They’ll also address psychological considerations by providing counselling or other support to help manage stress, anxiety and maintain overall wellbeing.

Advances in Medical Technology and Protocols

Technology and protocols within the medical field have massively improved, aiding in mitigating risks and better managing potential complications associated with liposuction.

For instance, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification has become mandatory for physicians performing liposuction and other invasive procedures in Phuket. ACLS medicines and equipment, such as defibrillators and intravenous (IV) lines, are always ready during surgeries. These advancements ensure immediate response to any cardiac emergencies that might arise during your procedure.

Moreover, ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL), power-assisted liposuction (PAL) and laser-assisted liposuction (LAL) represent advances in liposuction technologies. These developments enable targeting and removal of fat with less bleeding and tissue damage than traditional methods, thereby reducing complications.

Mitigating risks and managing complications when undergoing liposuction in Phuket relies heavily on healthcare providers’ preventive measures and advancing medical technologies. By bolstering healthcare standards, these strategies greatly enhance the safety, effectiveness, and overall satisfaction of your liposuction procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adverse Reactions to Anesthesia : Increasing the volume of fat removed can prolong the surgery, which in turn may heighten the risk of negative reactions to anesthesia. Infection: Larger wounds and longer surgery times can elevate the risk of infection post-procedure.

Liposuction is a great way to contour and reshape the body (including the belly) by removing unwanted fat. Unfortunately, liposuction is not a treatment for weight loss, nor does it appear to influence the risk factors for developing heart disease and diabetes.

Liposuction cannot be considered a weight loss surgery as it does not reduce your overall body weight. Instead, this surgical procedure targets excess fat stores in precise body areas and improves an individual’s shape or appearance.

The results are considered permanent because your body can’t grow new fat cells to replace the ones suctioned out during the procedure. However, it is still essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle after your procedure.

The pain isn’t terrible, but oftentimes, people who get liposuction say that they don’t experience intense pain. The entire area will feel as though it is very bruised.

No, most of our clients are all satisfied with their outcomes!

What is the cost of Similar or Other Procedures in Thailand?

ProcedurePrice Range (฿)

฿99,000 – ฿200,000

Breast Lift฿110,000 – ฿180,000
Breast Augmentation฿95,000 – ฿126,000
Tummy Tuck฿125,000 – ฿190,000
Mommy Makeover฿440,000 – ฿560,000
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